Thursday, April 16, 2009


Now I was happy. I had a small ranch west of San Angelo with sheep and cattle. I was making money. One day I went about 20 miles west to buy some registered rams so I could upgrade my flock. On the way home I was flagged down by a neighbor. "Have you heard about Pearl Harbor," he asked me. I thought maybe he was talking about a woman named Pearl. Then he explained he was talking about the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. All of a sudden my life was changed. Soon all the young men in the United States were being called up for military service. A year later I began to sell out and then I enlisted in the U.S.Army Air Corps.This tied me up for four years. Finally the war was over. We had defeated Germany and Japan. But I had changed. I now decided to be a journalist. >s

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Milton T. Burton said...

Fascinating blog. I will be back. I am a Tyler crime novelist. Here is mine:

Am working on an entry about East Texas writer William Humphrey at the moment. If you scroll down you will find a couple of Texas-related posts.