Friday, May 29, 2009

Interest Rates

Interest rates are terribly low. Some experts say we have hit bottom. At any rate, it would be nice to have a decent interest rate. I am not calling for inflation, just an adjustment. Former Vice President Cheney is sounding off again. I would like to punch him in the mouth. He represents everything I am against. I hate to say it but a few more bank failures might be good for the economy. Do I sound gloomy. Yes, I do.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Natural Gas Drilling

Big news today. The Democrats in the House of Representatives are fighting the current drilling by the oil companies. They are drilling for natural gas in a process known as fracturing. The problem is that the process damages the water table. Water is a precious commodity and a major problem in half the United States. The oil companies have had their way for many years. It is time for strong regulation. If we run out of water we will be in a serious condition. Take the Edwards Acquifer, for example. This water supply serves much of South Texas. If it is destroyed we will have a new desert. The lack of rain is a worrisome matter. One cannot rely on the Texas Legislature to protect us. The Legislature has seldom done anything worthwhile in years. Unfortunately, citizens do not get upset until too late.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


This is the worst dry spell we have had in years. The drouth is one reason the deer are restless, they need water to drink. What we need is a week of sustained rain. Water restrictions call for using water in the yard only once a week. This is not enough to save a garden. Ad to this the smoke coming from the fires in Mexico. Most of them are set by farmers who are clearing their land for a new planting.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Listen to the Mockingbird

I have a mockingbird in my back yard. He is a noisy little devil. I suspect he has a nest nearby. There are at least six different specie in the back yard. There are a lot of cats, some of them wild, but no dogs. A few people keep dogs inside their apartments. We need rain, lots of rain. Deer wander thru this subdivision, mostly at sundown but sometimes all night. This is basically a quiet neighborhood. One thing we do not have is speeding automobiles. Those who drive here hold their speed to a minimum. Love, Daddy.

Friday, May 22, 2009


New Braunfels and vicinity is filled with wildlife: deer, raccoons, squirrels, snakes, skunks, and teenagers. Most of the deer who wander across the area are does and fawns. They are in search of drinking water as it is dry around here. They invade residents' gardens and lawns. The raccoons generally show up after dark. The squirrels are in the trees. The temperature is in the 90s and approaching 100. I would like to give my address: 3A Eden Drive in Eden Village, 631 Lakeview Blvd., New Braunfels, TX, 78130. My telephone number is 830-629- 9016. Now that I moved I will resume my reports on local problems, national affairs and World events. When I read the morning paper I find that there is violence nearly everywhere. Mankind cannot accept peace and unity, and the acceptance of a different point of view. I am an Episcopalian. The church here in New Braunfels has entered into a fight with the national group. Along with Rev. Joe Turner, a retired minister, I am attending Presbyterian services in the area near Landa Park.

Thursday, May 21, 2009


A vital part of New Braunfels is called Gruene, and it seems to be a tourist center without parallel. One needs to drive carefully in Gruene for fear of running over a tourist. There are old tourists, young tourists, family tourists and a few local visitors. Some of the younger girl tourists wear shorts so skimpy that you would not believe it. This time of year even middleaged men wear shorts. There are several attractions. One of the major attractions is Gruene Hall, which is showing signs of age. On a weekend with a well known band performing it is almost impossible to find a place to sit inside Gruene Hall. Then there are several good restaurants, of which the Grist Mill appears to be the most popular. It is located on the river, and the interior has been remodeled. On a weekend you may have to wait to be seated. Last but not least are the stores. Some of them are antique outlets. It is possible to spend a lot of time in Gruene, and even a lot of money. It is a tourist center de luxe.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Different World

New Braunfels reminds me of Brenham, where I once was acquainted. Eden Village is close to the culture of Brenham. I attended a meeting of about 30 residents today. We were entertained by an ommpah band. I know that New Braunfels is growing, but the growth does not affect Eden Village, which is growing but at a more conservative pace. The only problem I can single out is the possibility that we will run out of water. This is because San Antonio is being greedy. This is a good time for water conservation but the people who are running San Antonio want to get bigger and bigger. Alas, I no longer have a newspaper so my voice will not be heard. I can only hope that we have some excessive rain within the next few weeks.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Eden Village

I have now moved into Eden Village, which is a historic site in New Braunfels. I have a back porch where I can watch the deer eat my neighbors flowers. I also can watch the raccoons and other wild life. There are a lot of trees and flowers and this is a beautiful place. This started out as a rest home, which is still here, but apartments have been constructed for those of us who can manage our affairs. I have a mockingbird which must have a nest near here. This bird fights with the cats and squirrels. This is a quiet neighborhood. To the south is San Antonio, which is noisiy, and Austin which is growing larger.