Thursday, May 21, 2009


A vital part of New Braunfels is called Gruene, and it seems to be a tourist center without parallel. One needs to drive carefully in Gruene for fear of running over a tourist. There are old tourists, young tourists, family tourists and a few local visitors. Some of the younger girl tourists wear shorts so skimpy that you would not believe it. This time of year even middleaged men wear shorts. There are several attractions. One of the major attractions is Gruene Hall, which is showing signs of age. On a weekend with a well known band performing it is almost impossible to find a place to sit inside Gruene Hall. Then there are several good restaurants, of which the Grist Mill appears to be the most popular. It is located on the river, and the interior has been remodeled. On a weekend you may have to wait to be seated. Last but not least are the stores. Some of them are antique outlets. It is possible to spend a lot of time in Gruene, and even a lot of money. It is a tourist center de luxe.

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