Monday, July 13, 2009

More Drouth News

This morning Forrest Mims, a columnist for the San Antonio Express News, said that this was the worst drouth in this area in 45 years. He also reminded his readers that the Guadalupe River was prone to flooding at times as well as responding to a drouth. And so, instead of moderation, we can expect to go from dry to wet. Given a choice, I would choose wet. Once upon a time during a war I was stationed in the San Francisco area. That is the climate I would choose, day after day and year after year. Of course one sometimes experiences an earthquake in that area. So far we have not had any earthquakes here. Along the Mediterranean the climate is nice. I was stationed on both sides of the Mediterranean during that Old War. The Gulf Coast of Texas has a lot of good weather, and the island nations in the Gulf enjoy good climate. But that area is vulnerable to hurricanes. What I am saying is that there is no perfect climate in these United States. But the changes give us something to talk about.

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