Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Night Vistas

Last night about midnight I awoke to a noise and opened the front door. There were the same three deer again, two does and a buck, eating the grass in the front yard. It is pleasant having them as visitors although some of my neighbors resent the deer eating their flowers. This morning I am getting ready to go to Bob and Cindy's house. The occasion is Bob's 75th birthday. Yes, Bob is 75 and I am 90. The sky is overcast but there is no prospect of rain. Nor is there any prospect of rain in the future. This is the worst drouth in 50 years. Trinka is at their place in Pennsylvania. She says it rains every day. Beavers are daming up the lake in front of her house. Do they know something we need to know? Old timers say that once it starts to rain we will get a flood. Since I am living on top of a hill I am willing to risk it.

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