Tuesday, October 27, 2009

John Moore's column

While I was working for the Houston Post I wrote a territorial column. I visited the towns and cities in 50 counties of Southeast Texas. It was during this time that I helped create the Salt Grass Trail. Reese Lockett of Brenham was chosen to be the boss of this trail, which originated in Brenham and arrived in Houston to open the annual Fat Stock and Livestock Show. I rode horseback on this trail ride for six years. We started out with a handful of riders and one wagon, this was the LH7 covered wagon furnished by E. H. Marks of Barker. Within three years we grew to more than 2,000 riders and 65 wagons and we jammed some of the highways. At that point we had to post some rules, such as only so many riders to a wagon. After it was organized it was not as much fun, but it had to be controlled.

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