Friday, October 16, 2009


One of our readers wrote that I need to recall a happening that was publicized here a long time ago. This involved a time when I was working for the Institute of Texan Cultures at Hemisphere. The governor had been involved with some hustlers in California and now he had turned the program over to Henderson Shuffler and his staff. We were getting ready for Hemisphere and then one of the California hustlers notified us that he was coming to investigate us. I took fellow associate George Washington out to lunch and we discussed the problem. We went down to a department store and purchased a large knitting needle and then we bought a boy toy, a model which looked like our future visitor. We went back to the office and laid out the model on the table and stuck the needle in his leg. George mumbled some African mumbo jumbo. Well, the California hustler was driving down a boulevard in Los Angeles, a little too fast, and he turned over and broke his leg. This was the same day. About a week later this character showed up at our office in a wheel chair. The model was still in plain sight. When he saw it he screamed and left to return to L.A. I do not believe in voodoo, but this character did.

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