Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Brotherly Love

One time I was over in deep East Texas and on my way home, but I decided to stop by Montgomery Texas because Percy Foreman and his brother, Zimmie, were trying a case together. It was the only time the two brothers were co-counsel in a case. As I pulled into the courthouse I saw Zimmie walking by himself across the parking lot. He waved me down. "Are you by any chance going to Livingston," he asked me. "I can go by there on my way home," I replied. At that point Percy emerged from the courthouse and caught up with his brother. They were both big men but Zimmie had an artificial leg which caused an imbalance. It soon became obvious that the two brothers were mad at each other. Percy grabbed Zimmie and said, "We came here together and we are going home together. Finally he dragged Zimmie off and waved toodbye to me. I went into the courthouse and found out that the Foreman brothers had won an acquital for their client. But it seems that Percy had conducted most of the hearing in his usual flamboyant style, antagonizing Zimmie, who used a low key style. I guess the two brothers made up, but at any rate Percy drove them back to Livingston. It gave me an insight into their relationship.

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