Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Buckshot Lane

No blogs about my career would be complete without mentioning Buckshot Lane, the colorful sheriff of Wharton County. One story about Buckshot has not been written, but now that he has passed on I think it is time. Buckshot had been sheriff for some time and during that time he had talked to the HighwayDepartment about a narrow spot on U.S. 59 where the highway slowed down to one lane over a narrow bridge. An average of once a week there was a traffic accident because of this narrow bridge. One day Buckshot decided to take matters into his own hands. He poured a can of gasoline over the bridge and set it on fire. Tkhis precipitated the sort of action that Buck had been lobbying for. The Highway Department rebuilt the bridge and made it wider so that Highway 59 could flow more smoothly.

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Nancy Jane Moore said...

Yes, it's probably just as well that you waited until he had passed on to tell this particular story!