Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Atomic Bomb

Back in the States I was sent to Victorville Air Force Base in California. Here were thousands of soldiers, including me, who were waiting to invade the Pacific Theater. While we were waiting I was ordered to give daily newscasts. I had an Associated Press teletype installed. One morning this AP machine began ringing bells with a bulletin. It reported that a B-29 bomber had dropped an Atomic Bomb on Japan, killing thousands of people. I immediately called the base commander and read him the story. He thanked me and hung up. I still did not know what was an Atomic Bomb. The story went on to relate that the bomb had been dropped from high altitude and that shock waves had rocked the B-29 and sent a mushroom cloud into the atmosphere. I read this story to the troops all day long and each time there was a shocked reaction while they waited for me to tell them what was an Atomic Bomb. I had to use the old Army routine "dismissed" to empty the theater. The Japanese warlords did not want to end the war but the Emperor took charge and surrendered. Then most of the warlords committed suicide. The war was over. Next Tuesday I will give some background on the Atomic Bomb.

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