Friday, November 28, 2008

Nailing a Crooked Politician

I was assigned the title "Investigative Reporter" and went to work. There were reports of a county commissioner taking bribes to build a road to a drilling site. I put on a pair of overalls and started carrying a camera in a totesack. It did not take long to get photos of county equipment being used illegally. I went to the grand jury and got an indictment. But the tenacles of the illegal scheme reached clear across the county. The story eventually involved a bank. a major corporation, and a number of individuals. I was the least popular news reporter in town. Finally, however, we got the commissioner removed from office, and I won some journalism prizes. The name of my story was Hoot Owl Road. Now let me drop the other shoe. We elected a new county commissioner to replace the crooked one. The new man turned out to be as dishonest as the man he replaced. Do I have an answer for this? Yes, but it will cost a lot of money. Maybe we should abolish the county commissioner type of government.

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