Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Bad Luck in Oklahoma

We were married in the old stone Episcopal church in San Angelo in front of an estimated 300 relatives and friends. Right after that we resigned from the Standard and left town in search of better paying jobs. We went to Oklahoma City where I had a connection with the executive editor of the Daily Oklahoma. He talked to us for a while and then offered me a job and then he turned to Marie and said, "How would you like to be society editor?" She leaped to her feet and said, "Go to hell." At that point I knew we would have to move to a city with two newspapers. I considered New York City. We ended up in Houston where she went to work at the Chronicle and I went to work at the Post. We had good careers in Houston and bought some acreage in Friendswood, south of there, and raised our two daughters in a rural atmosphere. As soon as they grew up one of them moved to New York City and the other one to Washington, D.C. So much for country living. The newspaper business is different now, but in our time we enjoyed the competition, the investigative reporting, and the prestige of a daily newspaper.

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