Friday, November 21, 2008

An Italian Father

After finishing a strong cup of coffee I remembered an incident in Italy which amused me. A soldier often seeks out a family for a visit because he is homesick. This happened to me in a suburb of Naples during the old old war. The father served us some wine at inflated prices and since he spoke English we had some conversation. With me was a PFC we called Shorty. The Italian father had two daughters who lurked in the background. Shorty drifted over to talk to the daughters and they disappeared into the hall. One of the daughters pulled up her dress and showed Shorty her private parts. This inflamed his passions. Later on when it became time to leave, I thanked our host for his hospitality but Shorty negotiated a deal to spend the night. The girl had indicated which door led to her bedroom. Later on when the house became quiet, Shorty tiptoed over to this door, but it was locked. I suspect the father was using his daughter for bait but regardless of his motive he locked the door securely before going to bed. Poor Shorty!

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