Thursday, November 27, 2008

Friendswood -- A Quaker Settlement

We moved our residence from Houston to Friendswood, which was an hour's drive from the Post and Chronicle. We bought some acreage and began raising our two daughters. We also bought some horses. Friendswood was a Quaker community. You could not buy liquor in the community. It was low key, however almost every family had at least three children so it was obvious that a lot of copulation went on. It was ideal place to raise children. The largest edifice in town was the Friends (Quaker) Church. After we had lived there a while we managed to obtain an Episcopal church, but it was much smaller. Then one day it was announced that NASA would begin operations at nearby Webster. The space program, which eventually sent a team to the moon, brought thousands of new citizens to the area. A lot of these new arrivals did not want to live in Space City, USA, so they moved to Friendswood. And many of them were Episcopalians. One Sunday the members of the vestry had to stand up in the back of the church because all the seats were filled. Friendswood changed, but one thing remained constant -- no liquor was sold in the city.

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