Monday, February 16, 2009

Daddy Moore

My father was a restless man. When I was five years old we left San Angelo in a Model T Ford and set out for California. There were no major highways and we traveled across the country on dirt roads. There were no motels, so we slept in bedrolls. At night in New Mexico and Arizona we could hear the coyotes howl. Finally we arrived in Southern California and my daddy went to work for an automobile company. The climate was great, since it never froze, and we slept with screen doors. When Christmas came I was worried because we did not have a chimney for Santa Claus to come down. My Daddy told me we would leave the back door unlocked so Santa could come into the house. This part of California had fruit and vegetables. It was a delightful place to live. Why did we leave there? I will explain in the next article.

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