Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Galveston before the Texas Legislature

A couple of Texas representatives who wanted to be governor saw an opportunity to score by calling the key government officials before the House Investigating Committee. They called Sam Serio, who was one of the key Mafia figures. He pleaded the Fifth Amendment. They called Mayor Herbert Cartwright. He told them that people do not come to Galveston to go to church. They called Sheriff Frank Biaggne and he told them he went to investigate the Balinese Room but they would not let him in because he was not a member. The hearing became a circus. I wrote an article making fun of Biaggne and he became angry at me. He called me up and told me to kiss his ass. I went down to his office at the Galveston Court House and he refused to talk to me and then left the court house. Nothing happened as a result of the investigation but the publicity reflected on the Texas Rangers. The man who was head of the Rangers decided that he would send an undercover agent into Galveston. In a few days I will tell you what happened.

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