Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Foreman Brothers

I was at Lufkin and it was time to go home but I decided to go by the Trinity County Court House where Percy Foreman and his brother Zimmie were defending a man who was a client of both of them. When I drove into the court house parking lot there was Zimmie. He came up to me and said: "Are you by any chance going to Livingston?" That was his home office. I replied: "I can do that, but first I want to know about the verdict in your case." At that point Percy came out of the court house and grabbed his brother. These were big men, tall and heavy. The only difference was that Zimmie had an artificial leg. Percy grabbed Zimmie and spun him around. "We came over here together and I am going to drive us home together," he said. With that he dragged Zimmie off to his car and they drove off. I went in the court house and talked to one of the clerks. It seems that Percy had dominated the presentation of their case and that his vociferous style had offended Zimmie. Nevertheless, the client had been exonerated. Zimmie had stalked out of the court house but Percy followed and took him back to their home town. The moral of this story is do not get between two brothers. However, that was the only time they joined forces in court.

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