Monday, February 2, 2009

More Buckshot Lane

herOne of the most interesting characters whom I met in Texas was Buckshot Lane, the sheriff of Wharton County. One time a longtime resident of Wharton called Buck and told him that he had a problem. His niece, who had been living in Galveston, was living with him and his wife for their protection. She had been singled out by a Mafia character who wanted her and was stalking her. Buck said to leave it to him. He had the man pick him up and he laid down in the back seat and went to the house. He had a shotgun with him. Then he told the man and his wife to leave thie niece there and drive away. They did and not long after they left the phone rang. Buck told her to answer it. She did and she told the man to leave her alone. He told her she belonged to him. She hung up, in tears. Then Buck told her when the man came to the door to open it and let him in. Buck said he would be behind the door with his shotgun. Time went by and nothing happened. Finally, Buck decided the man had given up and gone back to Galveston. How the man found out that Buck was waiting for him remained a mystery.

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