Tuesday, February 3, 2009

More About Buckshot Lane

As you leave Houston and go down Highway 59 you eventually will enter Wharton County. Once that county was the headquarters of T.W. (Buckshot) Lane, who was the colorful sheriff of Whartpn County. Early in his career he had a problem on Highway 59. This was a narrow bridge which stacked traffic up for miles and generally caused at least one wreck a day. Sheriff Lane called the highway department and wanted a new bridge but nothing happened. One day this ancient bridge caught on fire and was completely destroyed. The Texas Highway Department had no choice but to build a new bridge, which it did, a beautful two lane concrete affair which solved one of Buck"s traffic problems. When you asked Buck about this fire he always laughed. There was a strong suspicion that he had set the fire.


Anonymous said...

In Google Images try this search
Buckshot Lane source:life

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Anonymous said...

Great pictures from long ago. Any idea how we might see the article that accompanied the pictures?
Gary McWilliams, MD