Friday, January 30, 2009

Back to South Texas

There was a reporter for the Corpus Christi newspaper named Jimmy Rowe. He was in conflict with George Parr for years. One time the government sent an agent to Duval County. This man claimed to be a postal inspector but actually he was spying on various matters, such as gambling and prostitution. For weeks this agent was in Duval County all the time, visiting various activities and going back to Corpus at night. The Parr machine decided to get rid of him. One night as this agent crossed the bridge between Duval and Jim Wells Counties he apparently had a blowout and crashed into the railing, killing him. Jimmy Rowe did not believe this was an accident and he called for an autopsy. The body was carried to a Corpus funeral home and was being prepared for burial. Rowe screamed loud that there should be an autopsy and at the last minute his request was granted and an autopsy was performed. This revealed that the agent had been shot in the head. It was murder. The man who pulled the trigger immediately left town and went to Monterrey, Mexico. In my next blog I will tell you the outcome.

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Nancy Jane Moore said...

Now that's one hell of a story. I not only want to know what happened next; I want to know what kind of news coverage the whole thing got.

If I remember my history, though, it didn't bring down George Parr.