Friday, January 9, 2009

The Great Flood of the Early 1970s

The only thing which kept Friendswood from becoming a major city was the great flood of the early 1970s. By that time our daughters were in college and Marie and I were publishing a chain of weeklies in the area between Houston and Galveston. Some said it rained 30 inches in four hours and others said it rained 40 inches in eight hours. Hundreds of homes were destroyed. I was at the printing plant and when I got back I took my wife and mother out of our house in a boat. Christ Kraft was taken off the roof of his house by helicopter. By that time NASA had becomecome an established government agency. When we regained our sanity we built a new two-story house. Adjustlments were made to the bayous which drained the area and finally life went on in the Space City area.

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