Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Down on the Rio Grande

This was a wonderful wilderness place. J.E. and I would go down to the river early in the morning and see the wildlife come down to the river to get their morning drink. It was interesting because the predators, such as cougars, would come down at a specific spot and the victims, such as deer, would come down at a different place. Late in the day the Mexican hustlers would come across by floating a wagon pulled by a team of horses. They brought an alcoholic drink known as Tecate. This was the first run on a beverage which later became Tequila. It was raw and burned all the way down. But it was cheap. Then the vendors would break out guitars and serenade us. They sang songs such as Mexicali Rose. Mr. Carroll improved with the spa treatment and we went home. Later on this beautiful spot was purchased by H.L. Hunt of Dallas, the rich man who had more money than taste. He fenced it off and it was no longer available for visitors.

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