Monday, January 12, 2009


As soon as we moved to our new country place in Friendswood I bought four horses: one for me and one for Marie and one each for our two daughters. It was the younger daughter who enjoyed her horse the most. Not only did she love her horse but the horse loved her. She rode every day, usually bareback. She would be gone for two or three hours and we were not concerned This was the time when Friendswood was still rural. She named her horse Reggie and she could go out in the pasture and cry "Reggie" and he would come running. Soon she was joined by a new friend, Madeline, who had a horse of her own, and another friend, Sally, who borrowed my horse. Sally had a beautiful dog and it was a delight to see her and Trinka ride off with the dog running behind. This lasted until the girls went off to college.

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