Friday, January 23, 2009

The Texas Ranger's Daughter

One of my early girlfriends, during my youth, was the daughter of a Texas Ranger. I was fond of this girl, who was bold and outgoing, but I also feared her father, who was a strict law enforcement officer. She and I used to steal peaches from the nearby orchards and things like that. One time I took her to a nightclub on the Ballinger Highway known as the Bloody Bucket. It was known for violence. We were in this club, drinking beer and dancing, when she jumped up and said: "That was daddy's voice." Sure enough her father was in charge of a raid on this night club. She jumped up and ran to the Little Girl's Room and I was right behind her. Fortunately there were not any other people in this room. I jumped up on the comode and opened a window and straddled the sill and reached down and pulled her up and dropped her on the ground outside. Then I dropped down. We held hands and ran for blocks and blocks until we were a long way distant from the club. Then we walked until we found a pay phone booth. I called a cab and took her home, leaving my car on the parking lot of the club until the next day.


Amparo said...

Do you remember anything about the civil rights attorney Gus Garcia? When he worked for a very short time for George Parr? (among other varied adventures)
My email address is: I grew up in San Diego, Texas---Duval County. I am working on a filmscript on Gus Garcia and would love to ask you some questions if you were interested in havng a conversation with me.
My best regards,

Gayle said...

The Bloody Bucket belonged to my husbands Grandfather. I've heard stories about it for many years but this is the first article I've come across. Supposedly Willie Nelson once played there....and I heard it got pretty rough that night.