Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Big Houston Parade

Now that we had made it to Houston it was time to enroll in the annual parade opening the Houston Livestock Show. I was riding with the Port City Stockyards contingent. As we arrived in front of the Chamber of Commerce skyscraper I looked up and there was an excited young woman dumping a huge collection of streamers on us. Unfortunately for me, this landed right on top of me and my horse, a ranch gelding unused to city customs. He bolted. On the sidewalk alongside us were women and children, so I could not use that exit. Finally, I headed him into the chuck wagon which was right in front. He hit the chuck box and broke it open, scattering pots and pans into the street. He was dazed, so I stepped off and secured him with a lariat rope, then I jumped into the wagon. Among the young riders who helped me into the wagon was John Mecom Jr. We headed for Port City, dragging my hapless mount behind us. I saw Babe, the Port City cook in the street gathering up pots and pans. He was very angry.

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